Eliminate fatigue and tiredness from your life

Tiredness can come from many sources. I'll touch on three:

  1. Fatigue due to insufficient or inadequate sleep
  2. Fatigue due to stress
  3. Fatigue due to depression
  4. Lifestyle mistakes

deficiency of sleep, stressful emotional situations, sleep apnea, or dehydration.

I am in the middle of writing a book on sleep helping people resolve their sleep troubles. My Sleep Rescue has proven very helpful, but if it is not combined with consciously restoring the conditions to healthy sleeping, it is near useless.

Attacking a sleep issue has to be conscious and not a piecemeal effort. You need to make sure you re-establish a body temperature rhythm that your irregular, haphazard way of sleeping, created.

In addition you need to spend time outdoors and get enough sunlight. Without that you'll never be able to sleep well. Add enough physical activities, stress reduction, sufficient hydration, especially before going to bed, reduce caffeine containing foods, and make sure you don't sleep too much.

Simple, I'll make you wait for the book... but for now, for this article, this is enough.

Almost everything can be handles by restoring good sleeping habits, not oversleeping.

It will take care of your depression, if you are depressed, reduce your stress by a lot, and half of your lifestyle mistakes are included in the habits that cause poor sleep.

If you add my energy remedies to the mix, you will not feel tired.
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